I get all sorts of spam. Email spam is mitigated via filters and unsubscribe links. Facebook spam is handled by saying “don’t show me this” to every link people post. LinkedIn spam is currently handled through feedback. I’m not sure it’s the best option, but it’s a start.

I received a form letter this morning highlighting my “entrepreneurial skills at Gallerus” and “Ruby on Rails experience.” I’ve not tried to turn Gallerus into a company, and I have no rails experience. It’s a simple guess to see this is a form letter with “company 1” and “skill 1” in the fields. The rest is just fluff to lure hopeful developers to write back.

Rather than delete spam like this, I try to encourage improvements in these recruiters’ processes. I figure recruiting is hard, feedback is sparse, and they reason they’re doing what they’ve done is because they feel it’s the best option.

Assuming I’m the kind of person they want to hire, I figure it might be nice to learn what could have been improved. I write them back with suggestions on what didn’t work, what did, and how they might woo someone like me in the future. I’ve received some thanks from recruiters, but in general, I don’t hear back. I wonder if I should make a form letter to reply to theirs.