State of the Morgan

I loved having birthdays when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t make me unique, but I carried this a bit too far into my adulthood. I held dear the idea that a birthday was going to be the best day ever. This lasted until I made a series of poor choices and ended up on the receiving end of their consequences. Since then, I’ve shied away from celebrating my birthday, wanting to ensure that I make good decisions. Again, I feel that I may have carried that too far as well. Birthdays, like most things in life, seem to need work to make them awesome. Now, I have a wife to help me with making better decisions. She supports me and my crazy ideas, and helps me plan even when I’m reluctant and afraid.

This birthday has already been one of the more memorable ones in the last 10 years. I’ve received two thoughtful gifts that I will cherish for years to come as well as so many warm wishes from friends that I can’t help but sit here and smile, thankful in the knowing of how lucky I am. My life is good, my family is awesome, and I have no complaints. Thanks, world for helping to make me a better person as often as I can stand.

Polyphasic Day 6

The worst oversleep yet. I missed my 12:30 alarm entirely and didn’t wake up until my next alarm at 5. I’m glad I set one! The day was pretty good, otherwise. I went to a wedding and the ceremony fell neatly between sleeps. I I think I like this :30 business–nobody seems to schedule anything for my nap times, and that means I have to be more careful about starting my naps on time.

I’ve started dreaming more often and occasionally waking up on my own just before the alarm. I’ve often wondered how I’d do on a “sleep polyphasically as much as you like (SPAMAYL)” pattern. It sounds like an interesting way to go, though I wouldn’t be able to do it as readily with a job and I have a feeling adaptation would be worse.

Polyphasic Day 4

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A minor oversleep here and there has caused the last few naps to be tough to wake up from. I find my mind whispering to me, “what’s another 5 minutes?” and me almost agreeing. Thoughts like this are usually interconnected with other problems, so I’ve been making sure everything else is taken care of. I’m well-fed, I exercised a bit, I’ve got stimulating work to do, and I’ve got good TV to watch. With luck, tonight and tomorrow will be the first days I really feel the pattern is sustainable.

Today was the first day that I got a taste of the euphoria that comes with polyphasic. I don’t know what in particular makes it happen, whether it’s the sheer volume of self control one has to exert that causes you to feel capable of almost anything, or whether the lack of pressure to complete tasks in the daytime because you have so much available time at night plays a role.

I have noticed, however, that I get less done now that I have other people sleeping in the same apartment as me when I’m awake at night. Dishes make clicking noises as you wash them, so I find myself doing them in the early morning. It’s a shame I’m not living on a ranch somewhere, I’d consider doing more woodworking when I’m fully acclimated.

NOTE: Don’t drive, use knives, or use power tools until your naps are easy. Sleep deprivation is a huge problem when it comes to manual capability and it’s extremely devious when it comes to the amount of delirium. You might feel fine, but take it easy. There’s plenty of time later, don’t do something stupid like drive tonight. No court is going to believe that your sleep schedule wasn’t the cause of the car crash.

I’ve been up for 64 out of the last 72 hours, and I feel pretty good.