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State of the Morgan

I loved having birthdays when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t make me unique, but I carried this a bit too far into my adulthood. I held dear the idea that a birthday was going to be the best day ever. This lasted until I made a series of poor choices and […]

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Polyphasic Day 6

The worst oversleep yet. I missed my 12:30 alarm entirely and didn’t wake up until my next alarm at 5. I’m glad I set one! The day was pretty good, otherwise. I went to a wedding and the ceremony fell neatly between sleeps. I I think I like this :30 business–nobody seems to schedule anything […]

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Polyphasic Day 4

A minor oversleep here and there has caused the last few naps to be tough to wake up from. I find my mind whispering to me, “what’s another 5 minutes?” and me almost agreeing. Thoughts like this are usually interconnected with other problems, so I’ve been making sure everything else is taken care of. I’m […]

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