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Polyphasic Month 2012

Another month, another resolution. In the spirit of prepping for Burning Man, I figured what better what to mix things up than to go polyphasic again? This will be the fifth time I’ve attempted ├╝bermann style and I hope the trend that the more you do it, the easier it gets holds true. This will […]

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How Monthly Resolutions Might Have Saved My Life

I remember vividly the first time I heard the word Coumadin. I was at Burning Man with my good friend Jeff, who’d had a heart valve replaced. They put you on blood thinners to ensure your heart keeps going, but it makes it so you can’t clot properly if you injure yourself. Jeff had split […]

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An Entire Month of Good Mornings

Fearless month has proved to be one of the most difficult to stick to. The entire notion that I face my fears seems simple enough, but where do fears have a purpose and where do they have a detriment. This morning, I’ve faced one of my major social phobias. I used to live in a […]

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February Monthly Resolution – Fearless Month

The plan: February is Fearless Month. Many of you know that I occasionally do Monthly Resolutions instead of yearly. This means less of a commitment than usual. The last yearly resolution I did was to eat vegetarian at restaurants for a year. It was eye opening, and I was very thankful that I lived in […]

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