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The Smallest, Easiest Life Hack is the Best Life Hack

I’m a sucker for lifehacks that save time and effort, and I consider this one of the easiest to implement. When I use the microwave, I prioritize my button presses based on Number of Buttons Pressed Number of Different buttons pressed An example: My microwave has an “Add 30 Seconds” button, regular numbers, and requires […]

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Refinishing a Dresser

My wife had a dresser that belonged to her grandmother before she passed away. It had been in her room since before high school and was quite the worse for wear. When we found out we were having a child, we decided to fix it up and I decided to try my hand at a […]

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Changing Table Plans

With our son on the way in less than three weeks, and with a pair of reasonably successful bookcases under my belt, I’ve decided to tackle making a changing table. We’ve been looking into lots of different options and, while some of them are very nice, I don’t think any of them would be perfect, […]

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Polyphasic Week 1 – Retrospective

What a roller coaster ride it’s been. Experience counts for something when it comes to Polyphasic, but it’s always different. I’ve been humbled by my own brains and their irrational desire to sleep for whatever reason. I’ve got my theories on why we sleep, but I think the truest reason is because if we don’t, […]

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Polyphasic Day 8 – Routine

Today was normal as far as acclimation goes. Naps were uneventful, my evening was mild, I woke up without event. I feel good today, and I’m expecting that if I don’t do anything rash and just stick to the plan that tonight will again be uneventful and hopefully, more productive. So, with that in mind, […]

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An Entire Month of Good Mornings

Fearless month has proved to be one of the most difficult to stick to. The entire notion that I face my fears seems simple enough, but where do fears have a purpose and where do they have a detriment. This morning, I’ve faced one of my major social phobias. I used to live in a […]

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Scale Models of Nearodesic Polyhedron Hexayurt

I’ve been going to Burning Man for a while now, and I, like pretty much everyone else out there, am enamored of the ideas of large-scale projects on the playa. This year, I’ve got a few people camping with me, and I figured a shade structure was in order. I’ve seen a lot of different […]

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