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I get all sorts of spam. Email spam is mitigated via filters and unsubscribe links. Facebook spam is handled by saying “don’t show me this” to every link people post. LinkedIn spam is currently handled through feedback. I’m not sure it’s the best option, but it’s a start.

I received a form letter this morning highlighting my “entrepreneurial skills at Gallerus” and “Ruby on Rails experience.” I’ve not tried to turn Gallerus into a company, and I have no rails experience. It’s a simple guess to see this is a form letter with “company 1” and “skill 1” in the fields. The rest is just fluff to lure hopeful developers to write back.

Rather than delete spam like this, I try to encourage improvements in these recruiters’ processes. I figure recruiting is hard, feedback is sparse, and they reason they’re doing what they’ve done is because they feel it’s the best option.

Assuming I’m the kind of person they want to hire, I figure it might be nice to learn what could have been improved. I write them back with suggestions on what didn’t work, what did, and how they might woo someone like me in the future. I’ve received some thanks from recruiters, but in general, I don’t hear back. I wonder if I should make a form letter to reply to theirs.

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  1. I suppose it’s a reasonable thing to provide some examples of how I’d like my recruiting emails to be written.

    This is the best email I’ve received and, had I been looking for a job, would have immediately gotten a positive reply from me:

    Hi Morgan,
    I lead _The Department at my Company_ and am looking to hire strong full stack application engineers to the team. I came across your Blog site and also your linked in profile, Your article on PayPal treated me right caught my attention, I wanted to reach out in person and let you know that we are really looking for developers like you to join _Our Company_ in its journey from good to great. We are a growing team taking on new challenges which I hope would be of interest to you.

    _Our Company_ is in the middle of a transition from old-style, monolithic Java applications towards JS and Node. To that end, you may know about our _Open Source Project_. One of the things I’m particularly excited about with that framework is how far we’ve gone not to re-invent the wheel; _Open Source Project_ builds on top of projects like Express, Dust, Grunt, and others. We have a lot of really great folks working on _Open Source Project_ throughout _Our Company_ to modernize everything we do. I’m looking for folks with experience working on real JS-based web apps who can help shape our architecture and what web application engineers are at _Our Company_ in the future. We need people who bridge the gap; application engineers who are passionate about products and experiences!
    You may or may not be looking for new opportunities at this time. Let me know If I can get 15 minutes of your time to talk to you about _Our Company_, the transformation and to hear about your career goals and interests.

    Looking forward to connecting with you

    Some of the things that really rock about this message:
    Explanation of who this person is.
    Explanation that he’s looked into who I am, as well as a reference to a post I wrote.
    Explanation of the job and why I’d fit in and like it.
    Explanation of why other people like it.
    A general enthusiasm for the job and company.

    All of these things seem awesome and I’d recommend doing them.

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