Week 4

In a normal process, I’d be reasonably acclimated now, which explains why I’ve been having great naps and why I’m starting to notice when it’s time for my next one without looking at the clock. My brain’s getting used to the pattern and soon, I feel I’ll be really well set to continue this. This is my 6th or 7th attempt at adaptation and it’s definitely one of the most successful. It’s certainly the most successful since I got married. So, what changed?

My wife is more on board than usual. She reminds me to take my naps, she watches the kids with no guilt on my part, and she’s overall gung ho for me to have extra hours in my day. This is crucial to wanting to continue — happy wife, happy life and if she’s not on board, then I’m not sleeping.

My job is decently supportive. I didn’t mention the pattern change to my boss. I’ve been sleeping in various spots in the office, and a few people have noticed that something is up, but in general, I feel most people think I’m just eccentric, which, I guess I am. I’ve done the pattern will fill disclosure at the company before, so I don’t expect any trouble if word gets out, but it’s nice to have it be private-ish for now.

I’ve been sleeping 3-5 hours per day total, and I’d expect to be able to push that to closer to 2-3 come next weekend. Things have started to simplify and settle, and my brain and body should be more responsive to regular napping, I hope.

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