I’ve Got a Feeling

Wit the first day of good naps comes the first day of tiredness. I stayed up till 4 am playing a new video game, and woke up around 6:30 or 7:00 with my natural alarm clocks, my kids, blaring in my ear. The feeling I got was not of having stayed up till 4 am, but rather having only gotten 6 hours of sleep instead of my usual 8. By the end of my first nap at 10 AM, I felt well-rested and a little bit jittery — par for the course with normal adaptation.

So far, the discomfort level of this process is significantly reduced and I’m curious if it will lead to a full adaptation later or if I’ll end up in the limbo place between mono and polyphasic, sleeping naps during the day, but needing a longer sleep at night. Time will tell. It usually takes two weeks of full adaptation to truly adapt, so I wouldn’t expect it to happen for at least another week, given how things are progressing.

I definitely feel more tired tonight than last night, but it’s tolerable, and doing things like blogging and playing more games should be plenty to keep me up for a while tonight. It’s comforting to know that if things get really rough, I can opt for a slightly longer morning sleep and still be okay. Perhaps the rigorous adaptation in the past was a hindrance in that way–perhaps it’s more important to keep adapting than to adapt perfectly?

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