A Month of Polyphasic

It’s been almost a month since I took my first nap. The process has evened out, there’s less ups and downs. I feel pretty good. I’m starting to wonder if I need to start eating better. The days when I eat poorly are days when I have the most trouble waking up from my nap. I’ve had to start doing some “clever” tricks to get myself out of bed when my willpower isn’t quite enough.

Sleeping at work has become routine. I’ve found my place, I’ve adjusted my times, and I’ve worked out most of the issues with falling asleep. What was once panic at not falling asleep has been replaced with confidence that each nap will be a good one. Even the naps where I don’t fall asleep as quickly don’t bother me because I know the next one will be good.

Now, to work on honing my list of things to do while not sleeping. I’m going to finish my video games soon and I’ll need to have something else to occupy my mind. I worry about doing more programming in the evenings, just because I know my mind and body both need a break at some point during the day.

Almost there!

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