The Smallest, Easiest Life Hack is the Best Life Hack

I’m a sucker for lifehacks that save time and effort, and I consider this one of the easiest to implement.

When I use the microwave, I prioritize my button presses based on

  • Number of Buttons Pressed
  • Number of Different buttons pressed

An example:
My microwave has an “Add 30 Seconds” button, regular numbers, and requires you to hit start before cooking.
I often want to cook food in multiples of 30 seconds.
Here’s a breakdown of some options from worst to best:

30 Seconds:

Add 30 Seconds, Start
3, 3, Start
3, 0, Start

1 Minute:

Add 30 Seconds, Add 30 Seconds, Start
5, 5, Start
6, 0, Start

1 Minute 30 Seconds:

8, 8, Start
Add 30 Seconds, Add 30 Seconds, Add 30 Seconds, Start
1, 3, 0, Start

Ultimately this saves me no time at all during the day. What does happen is I use math to figure out what to press, which is better than it was before.
I know that 88 seconds is not the same as 90 seconds, but it’s close enough for me.

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  1. My microwave’s +30s button starts automattically. I can do just about anything by pressing that one button a bunch. Also, in order to run for a set amount of time, you have to press “Time Cook” first, then punch in the number, and press start. That super sucks, but it leads into the next feature. Pressing any single digit number first adds that many minutes to the clock and starts immediately. Needless to say, my “Time Cook” button is brand new.

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