Polyphasic and Sickness

Tuesday morning, I slowly developed a cold. It’s always only a matter of time, but eventually you’ll have to deal with sickness on polyphasic. There’s two ways to do that, muscle through or go monophasic until it blows over. During acclimation, this is compounded by a lack of habit and a lack of flexibility. I opted for the latter and slept monophasic for three days. It was an easy switch back, which is a sign that I’m still not acclimated. I’m back on the wagon tonight, but I worry that I’ll be going through the hellish first three days again. Every time gets easier, right?

On the bright side, the cold may have been just allergies, or was short lived. I don’t like playing around with sickness, so I think monophasic was the right choice, either way. I’ve started watching The Wire. It’s an interesting show–a bit more realistic than the cop shows I’m used to. I guess watching every episode of Castle will make The Wire seem pretty unfamiliar.

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