Driving and Polyphasic

First of all, be careful when adapting to Polyphasic of any kind. Not only can you feel tired at an instant, but microsleeps and the like can cause you to drop off before you know it. If you happened to be driving while that tired, you could be a huge danger to yourself and others. Always err on the side of caution. When you’re on polyphasic, the whole point is to have more time, so why not take that extra time and drive slowly, carefully, and only when you’re fully awake. If you HAVE to drive and are tired on polyphasic, take a nap first. Few things won’t wait 20 minutes more and it might just save your life.

This weekend, I drove to LA and back through the night. Driving in the middle of the night is always an amazing experience. In California, we have traffic everywhere, and even at 3:30 in the morning, there’s people on the road. Even so, there are so many fewer people that driving in LA in the early morning feels like a joy. If you’re fully adapted and don’t mind the quiet, I highly recommend doing all of your travelling while the world sleeps. When you get there and everyone’s just waking up, it’s a neat feeling.

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